Month: March 2019

  • Mental Illness

    I’m taking a first aid course in mental health and it’s an eye-opener. I didn’t realize that so many things, so many people I know, are connected by the same symptoms and the same disorders. One in five Canadians will experience some form of mental illness in their lives. With some, it will never go away and be a constant… Continue reading "Mental Illness"

  • Anthology Prep

    I’ve been writing short stories for a while now, just because I can. Well, I can for the most part. Thirty-three thousand words isn’t quite a short story, but that’s because Rigger Mortis wasn’t designed to be a short story. Having said that, I had no clue as to the length of the stories. The writers’ group I belong to… Continue reading "Anthology Prep"

  • Procrastination Has A New Name

    And it is Delphiforums. I have a forum there now. With luck, I’ll have an advanced membership so I can open up a chat room on a regular basis. I’m posting bits of the books that I’m writing and possibly a couple of the short stories I’ve written. We’ll see how time goes on.