Month: August 2021

  • If I’m Gone For Too Long.;..

    Please post bail. I just sent an email to the RCMP asking about illegal drug production. If they don’t believe I’m a writer, I’m hooped and will probably have to answer a whole lot of redundant questions. On the plus side, I’ve figured out, more or less, how the rest of “Jesse’s Dragon” is going to go.

  • Anthologies Abound!

    I’ve been published in Through My Eyes and the Prince Albert Writers’ Group Anthology “There’s Something About Prince Albert” is just about complete. Just need to finish formatting the stories and it, too, will be available on Amazon and from PAWG members.

  • I’m Done!!!

    I’m not only finished the first draft of the last book of the Der Reizen series but I’m just about done a compendium for the series. Just have to run them through my beta readers. I am chuffed!