Harvest of Values Book 3


Herta moves in with Krista and agrees to help Priscilla with the latter’s garden.

Herta finds a contractor, Walther Grieg, who is willing to put a rush on building her a new house.

Herr Stude has rescued the boxes of histories from the University of Munich and John. He corners Herta several times over the next few weeks, demanding to know the translated version of the papers. Herta balks and even the townspeople and Turan tell him to go to hell.

A barbecue with both Tiel and human participants is planned and gets off to a rocky start. Once people start talking to each other, things smooth out.

Herta and Turan agree to trust each other more and to work with Krista to start up an apprenticeship program for the Tiel. Herta asks Reikert for help and is turned down. Herr Stude says the estate can help financially, but the paperwork must be done first.

Kyria is recruited to help PTSD clients with handling their triggers. Dax is reconciled with his soul-mate. Herta finds information on Dax’s brother who went missing years before.

Father Edmund suggests a house-warming party once the new house is finished. Herta reluctantly agrees. Once the house is finished, she moves in with the help of her friends.

At the end of the house-warming party, Rae-Lynne, Herta’s sister, arrives to spoil what’s left of a good evening.

This is the third in the Der Reizen series and the sequel to “Sweet On Death”.