I’m A Mental Health First Aider!

So what does that mean? Well, it means if you have a meltdown, I can help you out of it. If you’re having a panic attack, I’ll help you through it. If you’re hearing or seeing things, I know how to help you until professional help arrives. I’m not a trained professional, but I apparently am considered a first responder.

I’ve gone through meltdowns and times when I’ve contemplated dying. I’ve had more than a few panic attacks. I have schizo-affective disorder. If it wasn’t for the meds I’m on, I’d be a total basketcase. I wouldn’t be able to write this post if I wasn’t on my meds. I would be too afraid someone might read it, tell ‘them’ about it and I’d be in a world of hurt. Does it make sense? No, but mental health, or lack of it, is when the logic switch in your mind is turned off.

So what did I get out of the two-day course? Lots and lots of things for character development, and an insight into how my own mind works. I have more ‘ammunition’ to keep ‘them’ at bay. I also have new coping techniques to combat my own demons. Used with what I’ve always practiced, I can calm myself out of a panic attack now, possibly even head one off. I have a list of resources for professional help that I didn’t have before. I can help the people I see every month. Now, I feel useful and not just taking up space.

I’m also peopled out. Night, folks. Stay safe.

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