Month: April 2018

  • Gebhardt Gets Profound

    In Chapter 3, Herta asks Gebhardt why the people of Kochberg don’t like her. He replies that it has to do with the rumours about her family. “Are the rumours true?” she asks. Gebhardt’s jaw dropped. “Fraulein, you don’t understand! The truth doesn’t matter. It’s what people believe.”

  • Someone Deserves A Swift Kick

    Somewhere between the publisher and the printer, my book order, made in early February, has been misplaced. With luck (and a fast printer), I’ll have books to sell at KeyCon35, May 18-20 in Winnipeg. I’d hate to get ready to go there and not have books with me. Keep your fingers crossed for me.

  • Quote from Der Reizen Chapter 1

    “Gebhardt, I’m dead tired, dying for a peaceful cup of coffee and I haven’t had a shower since I left Toronto. Trust me. No self-respecting vampire is going to come within ten feet of me. I reek, and I’m too tired to be seduced.”