Mental Illness

I’m taking a first aid course in mental health and it’s an eye-opener. I didn’t realize that so many things, so many people I know, are connected by the same symptoms and the same disorders. One in five Canadians will experience some form of mental illness in their lives. With some, it will never go away and be a constant battle every day. Others will only have episodes of mental illness brought on by any number of traumas/disruptions in their lives.

I have bipolar friends, depressed friends and suffer from schizo-affective disorder myself. With me, meds, a great group of new friends and my way of thinking have brought me to the point where I can function ‘normally’, but I’m terrified of not being on meds and going back to that black hole I used to live in. I *like* the old me, the one that’s coming back. I could talk to people. I could talk to a lot of people at once, once upon a time.

The first aid course is a 2-day one and our homework for tonight is to do some self-care. That’s not homework for me. It’s a necessity. I am peopled out. Time to go have a shower and then write while my hair dries. Maybe that’ll help me face tomorrow?

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