I have been saved!

No, it doesn’t have anything to do with religion. I’m on a disability allowance and I’m allowed to get a free pair of glasses every two years. I received one pair last year that got stolen this summer. Go figure! Anyway, I only have one pair of glasses that have to do a lot of duties – like both driving and being on the computer. I can’t read with them on unless I hold everything at arm’s length. I can see the other traffic and read the traffic signs but don’t ask me to read the street signs.

Anyway, the optometrist’s office called the disability people and yeah! I can get a replacement pair of bifocals! I’m relieved for more than just my driving. Proper glasses for things like reading and driving will go a long way towards ending some of the headaches I’ve been having. I can finally leave these glasses by the computer where they belong.

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