No Writing Today, Just Script Editing

I haven’t done much in the way of writing today. Most of what little I did was editing “Slippery Slopes” for the narrator. It was already formatted. I just needed to add some pronunciation information. “Harvest of Values” is already set to go for recording, once “Der Reizen” is finished. I have a chat tonight in Delphiforums, but I’ll see what I can do about getting “Beginnings” formatted for reading.

Just so you know, we’ve managed to sell nine copies of “Sweet On Death” from “Der Reizen” should be ready for the end of this month. Last I heard, the narrator was about halfway through the book, but that was without edits. Once the book is read, she’ll go back and weed out the errors.

And for all non-reading/writing things, I’m in the process of turning the living room upside down and rearranging things. So far, I’ve cleared a space for the big filing cabinet and cleared a space for the bin that holds my books. Once I get that done, I need to move some ‘stuff’ to the craft room and other parts of the house. Then comes sweep and mop. I’m sooo looking forward to that part. There’s a reason I hate housework.

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