Category: General

  • Where is Lynn?

    Hi! It’s been a while, I know. My apologies. Between cleaning up the last of the basement, researching stuff, writing, and having an all-expenses-paid trip to Ottawa, Ontario, Canada, I’ve been a busy little bee. I know that the first four things make sense, but Ottawa? What’s in Ottawa? The Citizen’s Assembly for Democratic Expression. A group of Canadians was… Continue reading "Where is Lynn?"

  • Update on the Basement

    The basement hasn’t dried out completely, but it’s getting there. There aren’t any puddles left, but there are a few damp spots that I’m trying to dry out. On the plus side, I’ve removed a lot of the old junk that I’ve been meaning to throw out for ages. There’s just the corner under the stairs that needs going through,… Continue reading "Update on the Basement"

  • Drying Out Nicely

    The basement is drying out nicely now. Only took 4 days for the superintendent to get the whole thing sorted out. The clothes have been sorted, washed, or tossed. I still have a whole slew of boxes to go through, but that’s going to be a few days from now. I’m going to add some ‘moisture traps’ to the basement… Continue reading "Drying Out Nicely"

  • It’s A Good Thing…

    I had already published the large print books. The rest of my week will be cleaning up after a flooded basement. Everything important is upstairs, but there are clothes and things that will need throwing out or rewashing. Sorting is the first priority, once the water drains.