Category: Writing

  • Progress Is Made

    I did a little bit on Book 5, but not much. I think I’ve written maybe 5,000 in it over the weekend. I switched to Rigger Mortis and did a few thousand words there. I’d forgotten a few things like deployments and who did what when. All in all, I’m pleased with the writing progress I’ve made today. Tomorrow’s another… Continue reading "Progress Is Made"

  • Short Story Market

    I’ve discovered, or rather, rediscovered a market – short stories for magazines. I’m looking about for magazines, both online and print, that will accept non-romance flash fiction (stories up to 2,000 words). I’ve submitted one story to a flash fiction magazine and I have a couple more lined up for other magazines. I’m going to become a household name yet.

  • Almost There.

    I’ve added another 2,000 words to Book 5, but I’m nowhere near done. I know the who and the why. I’m just not sure of what happens next. I think a lot of what I’ve written in the last couple of days will end up on the cutting room floor. Now all I need is a title.