Month: December 2018

  • Blessed Solstice To Everyone

    Or Merry Christmas, or Happy Kwanzaa, or whatever it is you happen to celebrate this season. I’m just about over my cold/flu bout and I’ll be at a friend’s for Christmas. She has kids, so it makes the day brighter for me. Who knows? Maybe the gecko will give me an idea for another story?

  • Flu: 0; Lynn: 1

    Elegant it’s not, but I’ve survived the flu. I’m down to hacking cough and headaches from the same. Pretty soon I’ll be ready to tackle writing again. I only feel like I’m death warmed over with a blow torch. You all take care, hear? And keep writing.

  • It Got Me!

    If I’m quiet lately, it’s because I’m down with the flu. Even sitting up is a chore and I make a cranky patient. Stay safe everyone.