Month: June 2017

  • All Caught Up

    I’m finally all caught up from last weekend’s thefts. I have all but a photo to do, and hopefully that will be done this weekend. I’ve even done a rough draft of a front cover. It’s not perfect, but it should give the illustrator an idea of what I want. I’d have the exact image, but my Mac files won’t… Continue reading "All Caught Up"

  • Der Reizen begins

    I have to laugh at my accidental use of Der Reizen. Well the title was deliberate but I’d forgotten to look up the possibility that adding one letter would change the complete meaning of the word. “Der Reize” means “the charm”. “Der Reizen” means “the irritation”. *lol* Mind you, when I consider the main characters, both descriptions are accurate. I… Continue reading "Der Reizen begins"