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  • Taxes

    Well, my taxes are done for one more year. Thankfully. Don’t get me wrong. I like doing taxes. Mind you, I use a free, online one usually. I don’t make enough in book sales to warrant a business license or taxes, but I do have a spot to claim business expenses. *lol* I spend more of my own money getting… Continue reading "Taxes"

  • Hurry Up And Wait!

    Well, I’m at the “hurry up and wait” stage of “Jesse’s Dragon”. I need some technical information for the setting, which means contacting City Works and finding a herpetologist to answer a lot of ‘silly’ questions. The worst that can happen, other than being told “We don’t answer silly questions”, would be to get the answer “We never thought of… Continue reading "Hurry Up And Wait!"

  • Publication outside of my own!

    I was asked to submit a short story to an Albertan writers’ group for inclusion in their upcoming anthology. I’ve lived in several different places in Canada during my time in the military so I rewrote a short story about my time in the military. It was accepted!! I’ll post more when I know more.