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  • What’s Next?

    Well, since I probably have to wait for 2022 to get my computer fixed (which means I can’t do the book covers I need), I’ve been working on some grammar and punctuation information. Now, remember, I’m Canadian. I have the “A-Z of Canadian Grammar, Punctuation, and Spelling,” and “Canadian Style”. They have a lot of information and I’m going to… Continue reading "What’s Next?"

  • Beginnings Is Out!

    The final book in the Der Reizen series is out. Beginnings is, I think, the last book on the Tielen legacy.  I may add some short stories in the future, but right now, Der Reizen is firmly ensconced in her job. I need to work on another couple of books before I go back to Tielen.

  • I’ve Done It Again!

    I’ve taken on another forum at Delphiforums, this one specifically for writers and writing. The URL is Writers and Writing. I’d love to see you there.