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  • Anthologies Abound!

    I’ve been published in Through My Eyes and the Prince Albert Writers’ Group Anthology “There’s Something About Prince Albert” is just about complete. Just need to finish formatting the stories and it, too, will be available on Amazon and from PAWG members.

  • Local Happenings

    I’ve quit my regular job to work full-time on my books, but I’ve found that I need at least a part-time job to make ends meet. I applied for a position with one of the local printers. I’m hoping to do desktop publishing with them, but to be honest, I’d probably take any position I can get. This particular printer… Continue reading "Local Happenings"

  • To Group Or Not To Group

    I joined a writers’ group four years ago, just after I finished “Der Reizen” and just as I was getting started on “Sweet on Death”. If I hadn’t joined the group, both books would still be sitting, gathering dust, in the binders where I put the printouts. Instead, I found the courage, through the encouragement of my fellow writers, to… Continue reading "To Group Or Not To Group"