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  • A Thousand More Words

    I’ve done a picture’s worth of words but not on Beginnings, Harvest of Values or Slippery Slopes. There was a small incident at a friend’s place, where two people saw what I didn’t. I stared at the place, but the only thing that happened was that a story came to mind. I’m almost done it. I’ll post it when I’m… Continue reading "A Thousand More Words"

  • Short Story Market

    I’ve discovered, or rather, rediscovered a market – short stories for magazines. I’m looking about for magazines, both online and print, that will accept non-romance flash fiction (stories up to 2,000 words). I’ve submitted one story to a flash fiction magazine and I have a couple more lined up for other magazines. I’m going to become a household name yet.

  • The Lost Is Found!

    I thought I’d lost a story when my house was broken into two years ago. They not only took the computer, but they took the thumb drives in it as well. The stories were on the thumb drives. It’s a good thing I print out my stories, especially my short stories, for editing. In the process of looking for something… Continue reading "The Lost Is Found!"

  • Anthology Prep

    I’ve been writing short stories for a while now, just because I can. Well, I can for the most part. Thirty-three thousand words isn’t quite a short story, but that’s because Rigger Mortis wasn’t designed to be a short story. Having said that, I had no clue as to the length of the stories. The writers’ group I belong to… Continue reading "Anthology Prep"

  • Procrastination Has A New Name

    And it is Delphiforums. I have a forum there now. With luck, I’ll have an advanced membership so I can open up a chat room on a regular basis. I’m posting bits of the books that I’m writing and possibly a couple of the short stories I’ve written. We’ll see how time goes on.