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  • Updates

    Well, the formatting isn’t going as quickly as I’d like. I keep forgetting things like paragraph indents and to italicize thoughts. I’ll get them all done yet. Maybe after the holidays, though. I’m on a serious go at making Christmas gifts. I also have some good news. I will be volunteering at the local museum as a data entry archivist.… Continue reading "Updates"

  • Chat in 90 minutes

    I’ll be opening the chat room at Delphi Forums in about an hour and a half. Everyone’s welcome to come in. I’ll have cold drinks for the heated ones and coffee for those who require it.

  • Almost There.

    I’ve added another 2,000 words to Book 5, but I’m nowhere near done. I know the who and the why. I’m just not sure of what happens next. I think a lot of what I’ve written in the last couple of days will end up on the cutting room floor. Now all I need is a title.