Review: The Chronicle of the Beast, Part 1 by SB Michaels

My only regret with reading this book is that I don’t have Part 2 to read and I haven’t been able to contact the author about it. I put the book away so I wouldn’t lose it and only just recently found it. (gotta love spring cleaning).

Anyway, the basic premise of the story is that Man is more inhumane to their fellow Man than they are Nature. Nature is an entity that is meant to be conquered, not adopted. Thanks to the events that occur to the main characters, I’ve also learned that the opposite of Life is Fear, not Death.

Apollo and Kaida are brothers who end up going through a portal to “Elsewhere”. They’re not the first Earthers to do that, but the divisions between those who have already arrived and those who were born to “Elsewhere” have widened to the point where War is inevitable. Or is it?

I’m left wondering if “Elsewhere” isn’t a construct of “Here”, a side reality and not a separate planet. I just need to find Part 2…

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