Well, we’re back in business

All I have to do is let the whole thing warm up (spent time in the car with a high of -28C). It didn’t freeze, but it was decidedly below room temperature. After it warms up, I get to plug everything in and see if I can install Photoshop and Illustrator, at the very least, and maybe InDesign for my business cards and such. I have the RAM for the programs, but I may not have the hard-drive space. I’ll have to shift a few things around to see if I can get more space on the drive. The computer guru I found tells me that the main hard drive is an itty, bitty thing that allows me to have 20Gb of space until the next update. I don’t think I’ll do auto-updates anymore.

On the plus side, I found my programs that will need to be reinstalled on the computer and I found a whole whack of clipart images and photos that my daughter can use. I also found the catalogue that comes with the clipart.

Once the stuff is installed and up and running properly, I’m going to finish up the covers for the large print books and we’ll be in business!

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