What I’ve Been Doing While Quarantined

Quarantine sucks. I’m sorry, but there you have it. I only have myself and my thoughts to entertain me. Or so I thought.

The Creative Academy For Writers intrigued me with offers of participating in a Virtual Writing Cruise. I have about 10 pages of notes on characters, publishing options and how to make my hero a lot like my villain and vice versa. It’s a matter of perspective, one I hadn’t thought of before. Book 5 might go a lot smoother.

I also have to do some serious research into a few things for my YA novel. I also got a few ideas about advertising, pre-launch from the “Cruise”. I need the local library up and running again (gotta love quarantines) before I can implement some things but I suppose I should finish the book first? *lol* I know, cart before the horse, but there you have it. I’m seriously going to consider traditional publication for the YA novel. Aside from distribution and other costs, I have no clue as to what I’m doing when it comes to advertising my books. It’s not likely that a traditional publishing house will touch the Der Reizen series, but I have other stories that might be of interest to them.

Why not Der Reizen? Because its presence is written in Internet history as being self-published. The only way a traditional house will look at it is if I change the titles and probably a good deal of the content. I’m not sure I’m ready for that.

I’m currently working on crocheting a blanket or two and listening to audiobooks,  with bouts of writing. I alternate between books so I don’t fall down in any of them. I spend a lot of time rereading what I’ve written but it gives me the opportunity to correct small mistakes before they become large ones. I also have help from two other sources – One Stop For Writers and Pro Writing Aid. The first gives me all manner of technical information about how to write and the second helps me improve my writing by correcting my word usage and grammar. And the gods know that I can use a lot of help in those areas.

One Stop also has a timeline program that helps me figure out where I’m going to go next, or worse yet, where I need to go in order to finish the story. I just need to finish up the research (read write an email asking permission to ask a lot of technical questions) and then I can work on the stories. The only part that may be a bit difficult is the map of Tielen I’d like to include in the last book. I have the basics down, but a cartographer I am not.

Of course, all of this would make more sense if it wasn’t 2:35 am. Good night all.

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