More Added Than I Thought.

I’ve added 3,000 words to Beginnings, 2,000 more than I first thought! I do a bit over the lunch hour at work, then a few more paragraphs at home. If I come up with a good idea at lunch, I have to write it down, usually as a comment on the document, so I don’t forget where I’m going.

Outline? Well, I tend to outline as I go along. I’ll pantser for a while and then plot for a bit and back. I find that flying by the seat of my pants does two things – one, I come up with better ideas than if I’d sat down and plotted everything out in advance. Two, what I write in pants-mode usually gets edited down for brevity. I talk too much when I’m talking to my characters. 😉

But now, it’s time to head back to the paragraphs for today. I’m not sure who my toady is going to be this time around, but I’ll figure out a name eventually. They’ll just be a ‘mysterious figure’ for now.

Later folks! Happy writing.

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