Language Lessons

I did a very foolish thing. I created a whole new language and now I’m giving my characters language lessons. How is that foolish? Well, I’m converting “Learn German Easily” type lessons (that I don’t have, need to visit the library) into “Learning Tiel Easily”. The only problem is that I’m still working on the language. I didn’t do so well in English grammar. Having to learn the grammar for three languages (the two Tiel is based on, plus Tiel) is… interesting. Every time I think I have the grammar and verb tenses correct, another anomaly raises its ugly head and says “Hey! What about me?”

I think I’m going to give it a day or so to percolate and then I’m going to tackle the language lessons again. As it stands, I’m doing up a bit of a dictionary/glossary of Tiel words, phrases and short sentences. Do you think that would be enough? I’m also parsing some verbs, so far, only present tense. Should I do more?

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