What is Progress?

I was asked a very interesting question today and it got me thinking. Everyone has their own definition of ‘progress’ in writing. No one definition is right or wrong. Progress is an individual thing.

What constitutes progress for me? Well, if I manage to write at least one sentence that doesn’t entirely end up on the cutting room floor, I’m happy. If I can write a full scene without stumbling over my words, so much the better, but still, I’m happy. If I have to rethink everything from chapter 4 and manage to get it sorted out so it doesn’t sound like I’m rethinking everything, I’m happy. If I manage to read three chapters and get them sorted out as to continuity/flow, I’m happy.

Short list? I’m happy when I manage to do anything that involves writing or editing or researching. Sometimes I write more for research than I do for actual writing. There are even times when I remember to say thank you to those helping me with my research. *lol* If I can manage to come down out of the clouds with excitement, that is.

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