The Sword Experience

I lied. I was there until eight. The Sword Experience went on a bit longer than I’d expected. I left before the final pictures were taken. I enjoyed the show, even if I did manage to waste 5 km of walking. Walking on concrete is no fun. My feet hurt yesterday and my knees are telling me how foolish I was today.

I also found a name for the swords that Reikert and Turan use! They exist! *lol* I thought they were just my imagination. They’re an obscure (of course) sword used mainly by the Scots centuries ago. Ale pot swords, they’re called. About a meter long and with a short handle and a basket. Wicked looking things they are. My thanks to Dark Age Creations for the information.

I also had the opportunity to talk to Adrian Paul about swordsmanship. It was interesting. If I hadn’t had a four-hour drive home, I’d have talked more with him. Hollywood has a lot to answer for but I still enjoy the sword fights in the movies. They’re almost real.

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