Back To Work

Well, now that I’ve had two weekends off doing other things, it’s time for me to spend a weekend writing. I’ve been editing “Harvest of Values” and “Slippery Slopes”, so I haven’t been totally sloughing off in the last month or so. I’ve also reread “Der Reizen” and “Sweet On Death”. It’s a fine time to be doing it, but I’m going to research sword-fighting on May 4th. It’ll be Star Wars themed, but with a date like that, it’s not surprising. I have a ticket to go see Adrian Paul’s “Sword Experience” on that date, and best of all, they’ll let me bring my sketchbook. I’m not the world’s greatest artist, but I’m hoping that I can pick up a few pointers so I can add to “Sweet On Death” when it hits a reprint.

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