What to Write When You Don’t Feel Like Writing

I’m stuck on book 5 of the Der Reizen series, so I’ve turned my attention to other writings. I’ve written three patterns out. I’m just working on one item to have a picture to put on Ravelry. I’ve also written out a few blogs or at least cleaned them up for future publication with Kellan Publishing blogs.

I’ve found that writing in smaller pieces, like short stories and blogs, helps me keep my writing momentum while giving me a breather from the Major Work. Months ago, I tried to write blog pieces for Kellan in advance of their deadlines. Some of the parameters have changed and I have four years of blogging to do for them, so any piece I can do up in advance will help.

Some of the blogs are topical and depend on the Internet and keeping pages up for a decent length of time. Some are more rambling thoughts on a particular subject, like this blog today. I’m writing and that’s the main point.

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