Harder to do than write.

I’ve found something that’s harder to do than writing a novel. It’s writing a review. Some say to go into detail about what’s good and what isn’t. Some say don’t, just write about how the book made you feel and what you thought of the writing style. I took the latter option, mostly because I was still in the throes of the book’s emotions. For me, this is a good thing. Reading is like watching a movie for me and the book I read is a movie I’ll watch again and again.

Writing a review depends on where you’re going to publish the review. Professional reviews for newspapers and such go into a bit more detail than personal reviews on Amazon or Twitter. If I’m publishing a personal review, I look at what other reviewers have said and ‘fill in the blanks’, the points that I felt they missed. That way, when someone reads the reviews, they have a more complete picture of the story in general, if not the details that should be covered in the book blurb.

But, as always, this is just my opinion of how reviews should work. 😉

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