Now for the hard part

I’ve submitted the manuscript and all the attendant pieces to the publisher. Now for the hard part – waiting for her response.

And I have to wait for Friday. That’s when all my bits and pieces will be delivered, according to the courier’s website. I’ll have my headset then and can add all manner of narration to my book trailer and a few other “movies” that I’m making for the food bank.

I will also have ink for the printer to start on promotional material (and a few official-type letters that have to be printed out) and getting book four into a readable format for me to edit. I know, in this day and age, I should be able to edit a manuscript on the computer, but it’s hard on my eyes and I’m used to doing a paper edit. I can take that with me to Timmy’s. The laptop needs a new battery.

I have also sold a few more copies of “Der Reizen”! Things are looking up!

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