Pre-Publication Jitters

Oh, my anxiety is going great guns today. It’s a week or less until my book, Der Reizen, comes out and I’ve already had orders for signed copies. I’ve also had an offer to review the book. Part of me wants to send her a copy right away, and part of me would rather hide in the sand than give a copy for review.

Oh, I don’t mind the giving part, but the review? That scares me spitless. I like the book. I liked writing it. My publisher and beta readers like the book for the book’s sake. But a reviewer? I just hope I’ve filled in all the plot holes. I found one after I’d sent it to the publisher, but in my infinite wisdom, I forgot and sent her a .odt copy, not the .docx copy she wanted. A chance to edit before publication and I sent the .docx file she wanted. I just hope I didn’t leave any more for a reviewer to find.

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