Publicity Isn’t As Easy As I Thought It Would Be

Well, it’s been an adventurous day today. I’ve got bookmarks done (they just need separating), business cards for me and the book done and printed out and a live feed video placed on my Facebook profile. I know the video looks silly, but I couldn’t hold the camera and read the script I’d written at the same time. Not accurately, anyway. *lol*

I don’t like being in front of a video camera and having to ad lib my remarks. I’m just not that swift a thinker and I tend to leave things out. That’s why I write scripts and such for myself. I don’t forget anything that way.

Ah, but in another 8 days, I’ll have a book published. You can still get the digital version for 1/2 price if you go to my author page if you pre-order. There’s only a few days left before the price goes back up to regular pricing.

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