Second Set Of Business Cards And Editing

I read a piece of advice from Stephen King and went back to edit Der Reizen. I know I used it at least once, but to my astonishment, I used “for a long moment” six times! You can bet I deleted them and found another way to say the same thing, or let the reader figure it out on their own. I don’t know if Kelli will be marking that for deletion or not, but once I hear back from her, I’ll send on the new manuscript. I have no doubt that other changes will be needed. Just because I thought the book was ‘ready’ doesn’t mean that it is.

On the plus side, I didn’t use it in either Sweet on Death or what I have written of Harvest of Values.

After arguing with a scene in Harvest of Values (Book 3), I decided that I’d be better off doing something else and coming back to it later. So I did up another set of business cards, this time with the book cover on it. I have two options for Keycon now and two for any other book signings I may do. My friends will be disappointed if I don’t have a reading at the library, that’s for sure. I can easily change the venue on the cards and on the bookmarks if need be. I’m not sure where else I’ll do a signing/reading. Maybe in Moose Jaw or Regina? We’ll see.

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