Found something to do

I’m going to be attending Keycon 35 in Winnipeg in 2018 and have a book signing there. I made up some bookmarks using an old cover idea and keeping the current one as the obverse. Then I got to thinking about the Con. Have you ever been to one?

There’s a lot of schmoozing going on when the dealers aren’t at their tables. There are about four hours of non-dealer room time before the con begins and then several hours, mostly morning ones, where I can hand out bookmarks or business cards. I did a mock up of some of the cards and they don’t look too bad, all things considered. I couldn’t fit the cover picture on it, but I could fit the title. That’s a start. All I need now to finish both of those things is the logo for Kellan Publishing.

I’m not sure if I’m going to buy a membership to the con. Maybe a day pass for one day, just to see what’s going on in the rest of the SF/F community. Maybe I’ll get an idea for a story while cruising the Art Gallery or, if I can swing it, sitting in on a panel discussion. I’ll have to see what it’s going to cost for a hotel room for the weekend, as well as gas and such. And meals. The last few times I attended an SF convention, several decades ago, a body could eat well just by attending the hospitality rooms. I don’t think that’s appropriate for a dealer, do you?

I’m sharing a table with another dealer, so my costs won’t be quite as high, but there’s still costs involved, not to mention the price of books.

All this is moot, of course, until I hear back from Kellan. I wonder if I could get a book signing on as part of a program? It would keep the Dealers’ Room from becoming overcrowded if I actually manage to have a successful book signing. Off to check out what has to say.

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