The Joys Of Being A Writer

I had to laugh this morning. I needed some information on how long it took to build a house, 6 room, one floor. In short, a small, simple, two-bedroom bungalow. (Or so I was told, after describing the house to the contractor.)

I phoned Miller Contracting, here in PA because they’re “Holmes-approved” which means they’re the best in the business. I explained that I was a writer and needed to know how long it took to build a house. Two to three months, if the weather’s good and the layout is simple, I was told.

So, I asked, it’s possible to start say now and have the house ready to live in by Christmas?

The answer was yes. When I thanked him for the information, he wanted to know if I was planning on building a house. I said, no. My character is. I’m a writer.

There was dead silence at the other end of the line. Finally, a small, weak, ‘oh’ was squeaked out.

*lol* Well, there’s nothing that says writers can’t ask stupid questions, is there?

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