Editing And When To Stop

Well, I think I’m going to stop editing Der Reizen and start editing book 2. While I find it a lot time-consuming, I’ve discovered I like the editing process. Or at least, I don’t mind it.

I have all manner of tips from various social media on how to edit, what to edit and what to remember to include. Having completed book 2, I found a few plot holes between the two books that have since been patched over.

Some of my wording was changed in Der Reizen but mostly it was removing an annoying word – that. I hadn’t realized just how much I used it and where. Another problem I noticed I have is the comma. Not everyone uses the Oxford comma, as I’ve discovered, so I had to go back and edit out all those extra commas. I even found a few unnecessary ones. I write as I speak, which means when I stop for a breath, I put a comma so that the reader will pause for a breath, too. It makes for an awful lot of commas, sometimes, so the edits not only took out the commas, but restructured some of the sentences for the better.

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