What Do Writers Talk About?

I’ve never had the opportunity until recently to talk to someone who understands the writing process. I just spent 7 hours with a fellow writer, discussing all manner of things writing related. We discussed things like “The Darkness Within Us”, dirty little secrets that every author has and is usually found first by a fan.

Now, I haven’t been published yet, but I do have a few fans who have read at least the first few chapters of the books I’m writing. Admittedly, they’re friends, or friends of friends, so I don’t really expect an unbiased view of my work. I appreciate their comments and the plot holes they point out for me, but they’re not nearly as harsh a critic as someone’s who has paid out good money to buy my book.

I have the opportunity to share a table and sell my books at an SF convention next year (*lol* How’s that for putting the cart before the horse?) and one thing I’ve noticed about SF con goers is that they tend to be the harshest critics of novels and new authors. If they like the author, con goers tend to spend more time analyzing the book than is ego-pleasing. They get to know a book or series of books better than the author does. That can be a bit scary.

To be honest, part of me is looking forward to going to a con again. I haven’t been to one as a participant in any fashion since 1987 when I went to the WorldCon in Brighton, England. I showed up at a con for a couple of hours in 2000 (the same one I’ve been invited to sell my books at) but that was only to deliver a gift or two to a favourite author.

While I’m relatively obscure right now, someone’s liable to recognize me by my book cover. *lol* I don’t know if I can handle the notoriety. I’m not even sure I can handle the congoing hordes that invariably show up. I used to glory in things like that, but if I can manage to sell my books at a con, then obviously I’m “over my schizo-affective disorder”, or so my doctors will say.

Nervous about being a published author? You better believe I am!

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