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  • Publication outside of my own!

    I was asked to submit a short story to an Albertan writers’ group for inclusion in their upcoming anthology. I’ve lived in several different places in Canada during my time in the military so I rewrote a short story about my time in the military. It was accepted!! I’ll post more when I know more.

  • Menu Addition

    I’ve added a section for my short stories to the main menu. Feel free to pop over and take a look at some of the things I’ve written. Also, a chat will be on tonight at 11 pm EDT at DelphiForums, as usual.

  • A Thousand More Words

    I’ve done a picture’s worth of words but not on Beginnings, Harvest of Values or Slippery Slopes. There was a small incident at a friend’s place, where two people saw what I didn’t. I stared at the place, but the only thing that happened was that a story came to mind. I’m almost done it. I’ll post it when I’m… Continue reading "A Thousand More Words"

  • Short Story Market

    I’ve discovered, or rather, rediscovered a market – short stories for magazines. I’m looking about for magazines, both online and print, that will accept non-romance flash fiction (stories up to 2,000 words). I’ve submitted one story to a flash fiction magazine and I have a couple more lined up for other magazines. I’m going to become a household name yet.