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  • Never Again!

    Never again will I try to duplicate what I’ve seen on YouTube. The woman putting the flowers in the wreath frame made it look easy. It’s not. Especially when you don’t have the proper tools, like wire cutters, two pairs of heavy-duty pliers, and a lot of patience. I had a small pair of pliers, cheap scissors, more long-stemmed flowers… Continue reading "Never Again!"

  • Trauma Bear Pattern Completed

    I’ve finally finished all the photos for the Trauma Bear pattern and it’s posted on Ravelry.com under C. A. Lloyd designs. Now I get to go back to work on Book 5. <sigh> I’m not sure where I’m going to go with it. I need to think about it some more, maybe read the 24 pages I have already done.

  • New Writing Project

    I’ve put Book 5 aside for a bit so I can focus on doing other types of writing. I have a couple of patterns for stuffed animals that I’m in the process of writing down. I’m considering offering them for sale on Ravelry.com, but it’s going to depend on how clear I can make the instructions. They say that familiarity… Continue reading "New Writing Project"