Tag: #amsick

  • Finally!

    I finally did what I’ve been threatening to do for about three months. I went to the dentist and had a tooth pulled. I mentioned that some of the others might have to come out, too. He’s made a request to my health provider for permission to yank what’s left and get me new dentures, top and bottom! Given the… Continue reading "Finally!"

  • The Only Thing Guaranteed To Stop A Writer

    And I have it. A head cold that morphed into a chest cold. I’m finally vertical and not horking up a lung in the process. I will get back to writing just as soon as I get caught up on a few other things. Chat will be tomorrow night as usual. That, I can manage, I think.

  • Mental Illness

    I’m taking a first aid course in mental health and it’s an eye-opener. I didn’t realize that so many things, so many people I know, are connected by the same symptoms and the same disorders. One in five Canadians will experience some form of mental illness in their lives. With some, it will never go away and be a constant… Continue reading "Mental Illness"

  • Flu: 0; Lynn: 1

    Elegant it’s not, but I’ve survived the flu. I’m down to hacking cough and headaches from the same. Pretty soon I’ll be ready to tackle writing again. I only feel like I’m death warmed over with a blow torch. You all take care, hear? And keep writing.