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  • Short Story Market

    I’ve discovered, or rather, rediscovered a market – short stories for magazines. I’m looking about for magazines, both online and print, that will accept non-romance flash fiction (stories up to 2,000 words). I’ve submitted one story to a flash fiction magazine and I have a couple more lined up for other magazines. I’m going to become a household name yet.

  • Saskatchewan Entertainment Expo – Regina, May 4-5, 2019

    I finally have all my tickets sorted out and the gas money to get there (and hopefully back). I’ll have a couple of my books with me, so if you’re looking for a print version of “Der Reizen”, come down to the show. I’ll be wandering around the expo on Saturday until 3:30 pm, then I’ll be watching The Sword… Continue reading "Saskatchewan Entertainment Expo – Regina, May 4-5, 2019"

  • Almost There.

    I’ve added another 2,000 words to Book 5, but I’m nowhere near done. I know the who and the why. I’m just not sure of what happens next. I think a lot of what I’ve written in the last couple of days will end up on the cutting room floor. Now all I need is a title.

  • Chat Room

    I’ll have a chat room open at 9 pm Regina time, 11 pm EDT, 3 am Sat. Aug. 27 UTC. It’s some time in the afternoon for Oz. The location is the Delphi Forums.

  • Now I’ve Done It

    Yup, I’ve done it now. Well, I didn’t personally, Leo did (thank you dear), but it was on my instigation. My hair is now respectably short. No more trying to pull three miles of hair out of my knitting or crocheting. No more needing to put up a hood or wear a hat because the wind is blowing my hair… Continue reading "Now I’ve Done It"