How Much Research Is Too Much?`

I have about 200 pages of information on heroin production (and wikipedia entries on all the terms I didn’t understand). I’m trying to condense it down to simple steps but I’m not having much luck. There’s a lot of information to go through and not all of it is linear.

I haven’t heard from the police yet. I’m going to try to phone them on Monday and, with luck, I’ll have the last of my questions answered in simple terms. Right now, I could probably figure out how to grow opium poppies, make heroin and blow myself up in the process. I hadn’t realized how many common chemicals are involved in the process. It’s kind of scary, knowing that there are things on the shelves at Superstore and the local gas station which can be put to such uses.

On the plus side, I’ve received my first royalty payment from Amazon. I feel quite pleased with myself.

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