Outside the Box Advertising.

My daughter gave me a brilliant idea for advertising my book. I honestly didn’t think it would go very far, but the T-shirt she printed out for me, with the cover of the book front and center, has already wielded results. I’ve had several people ask me where they can find my book for sale. To that, I have a second layer of advertising.

I made up some bookmarks with the cover of the book and where to buy it on one side and a bit about both the book and me on the reverse side. I printed them out on cardstock, cut the bookmarks to size and, using self-laminating sheets of plastic, laminated them. The lamination cost me about $20 and I already had the cardstock in my cupboard from another project.

What project was that, you wonder? I made up my own “Coming Soon” and “Now Available” signs to put up in various stores and in the local library. The two signs are similar in that they both have the cover of the book on the page and a blurb about the book. I added a couple of lines about me, laminated the pages, and handed them out as the books became available. The only difference is the large print “Coming Soon” and “Now Available.” Cardstock cost me about $20 for a large package of them.

My next step was to make up two sets of business cards. One set has the book cover and a one-line question about the book, plus, of course, where you can find it. At the time, I only had the online address, so that’s what I’ve used, but if you’re making the book available at a particular signing, then you can put the date, time and place on your card, too. The other set of business cards just has the title of the book, my pen name and where you can find the book, plus the same one-line question about the book. Business cards are about $20 for a large package that will do for several bouts of business card making.

I also made business cards for myself. They have the URL for my site and where the book can be purchased. I hand these out whenever someone asks me for information on the book. It’s easier than having to try to remember the URL for the book site.

The next step in my search for the perfect advertising element is to get some coffee mugs made up with Der Reizen’s cover on it. I may also do some that are simply the logo I’ve created for myself and where you can buy my book. I haven’t quite decided which ones I’m going to go with, but those will be handed out to special friends in lieu of free books. I may even see if I can add my autograph onto the mugs.

Check out your local trophy/souvenir shop. They may have some more ideas, and you may even be permitted to sell your book from the store. If there’s a place you can advertise something, do it. Think outside the box.

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