To Market, To Market, To Buy A Fat Book

How do you judge how well your publicity is doing if you can’t see the person’s facial expression or body language? How do you know if your marketing schemes are working? By your book sales, your publisher will tell you. Yes and no. Book sales can be an indication of how your publicity is working, but it could also mean that you have a lot of friends and family who feel sorry for you.

Surprisingly, marketing doesn’t take a whole lot of money to do. There are a multitude of places you can go online that have tips and tricks to market your book. Here are a few:

The best one I’ve found is the last on the list, Capsicum Mediaworks. They have a good grasp of what’s needed to promote your ‘product’ and ‘brand’ (book and your name). They have a pdf file of over 100 links to pages of information on any number of possible advertising techniques and ideas that you can use. They also offer an explanation of the various types of online marketing, from simple blogs and social media suggestions to more advanced things like SEO and affiliate marketing.

The first two on the list offer online courses for you to take, free of charge. I’ve only started the courses, so I’m not 100% sure that they’ll be what I need. Thing is if you don’t know what you need, getting an overview as these courses offer, is a step in the right direction. It’s easier to say “well, I knew that much!” and have taken the courses than it is to not take the courses and miss out on “I never knew that!”

Having said that, there are other options you can follow:

  • allows authors a place to promote their books, as well as offering blog and chat space.
  • FaceBook and Twitter are also good ways to promote your book. There, you can write as much as you like about your book and they have ways of letting you know how many people are following what you say.
  • You could also create your own website/blog and link it to other options (mine links to Facebook and Twitter). JetPack in WordPress can do this for you automatically.
  • and are two other places you could join. The first is willing to publish an ‘interview’ with your main character and the second will publish an interview with you, the writer. Either way, you get to mention your book and get your name out where people can see it.

Regardless of what you do for online marketing, you have to be marketing constantly. Everything about your book is fair game to use as a marketing tool, from quotes from the book to the book cover.

Use your book title/site in your email signature. Put a picture of your book in your signature on forums and other places where “people gather”. Create an email address strictly for ‘The Book’, using your author name rather than your book title. Just in case you write more than one novel. Above all? Don’t give up.

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